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改造案例:Machining adjustment

客户名称:The Hohai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

改造背景:yabo手机版登录Retrofit background: the customer’s machine tool has a milling circle which also have four parts where the images are translating, and there are obvious and Smoothness marks on the four parts after processing, you can simply feel it by touching. The products produce by it are of bad quality, the customer was unsatisfied.



Processing procedure: yabo手机版登录We fist verified the parameters of customer’s machine to make sure that it match the standard parameters, then we did the roundness adjustment. We used software to test machine electrical roundness and made it to be standard by using the automatic adjustment function of the software. At last, we fine tuned the parameters according to the processing results and satisfied the customer.

Radius of 100mm roundness Figure


yabo手机版登录 Radius of 50mm true circle diagram


Results: there are no marks after several adjustments, and the working error is also within tolerance.